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1920's Costumes

Fancy going to your fancy dress party as the notorious Bugsy Malone or are you looking for a Great Gatsby outfit, old sport? Our extensive range of 1920’s Costumes, Gangster and Flapper fancy dress costumes and accessories features many items like the pin-stripe trilby hat, tie and braces as well as the machine gun accessory for the gangster fancy dress costumes. Look truly sharp and unique in your Barbershop Guy outfit! The golden age is associated with the liberation of women’s fashion as well as fabulous Hollywood movie stars with feather boas, so why not dress up and become a 1920s celebrity for the night. Experience this roaring decade with the 1920’s Charleston Moll Flowerpot or a women's adult fringed flapper dress in many different colours such as pink and black.

Adult Fringed Flapper Dress - Pink


Adult Red Sequin Flapper Costume


Adult Fringed Flapper Dress - Red


Mens 1920s Pinstripe Gangster Suit / Gothic family


1920s Fat Gangster Costume


Red Flapper Costume


Adults Red and White Striped Blazer


Adult Black Sequin Flapper Costume


Adult Fringed Flapper Dress - Black


Adult White Sequin Flapper Costume


Felt Trilby Hat with Satin Band


Adults Red and White Striped Blazer, Boater and Bo


Barbershop Quartet Set


Barbershop Guy Set


Deluxe 1920 Gangster Costume


Deluxe White Flapper Costume


Deluxe Purple Flapper Costume


Deluxe Red Flapper Costume


Deluxe Black Flapper Costume


Adults Black Suit Costume


Gangster Set - Black Hat White Band - Braces and T


Womens 1920s Victorian Bather Costume


Mens 1920's Gangster Costume with hat & Accessorie


Couples Costume - Black 1920's Gatsby


Couples Costume - Red 1920's Gatsby


Couples Costume - Victorian Bathers


Mens 1920s Victorian Bather Costume


Ladies Gangster Costume