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Viking Age

If you think you've got what it takes to sail the seas, take the land and fight your way through villages with your axes and maces then here's your chance to put on the armour worn by the mighty Vikings. Roar as you turn up to any party with your beard hanging to your chest with an axe by your side! We have a whole Viking range from full costumes to the accessories you require!

Boys Viking Warrior Costume


Viking Warrior Girl Costume


Child's Viking Warrior Costume


Girls Viking Costume


Viking - Complete the look!

Adult Viking Helmet


Adult Viking Hat


29.5" Warrior Sword


Gold and Silver Sword with Shield


Silver Sword with Shield


Curly Wig and Beard Set - Brown


Curly Wig and Beard Set - Blonde


Curly Wig and Beard Set - Grey


Curly Wig and Beard Set - Ginger