Pirate Costumes

Ahoy! Climb aboard and explore are selection of Pirate fancy dress costumes. Become a loveable rouge in seconds, from mischievous swashbuckling pirates to beautiful buccaneers we are here to help.To really spice up your outfit add an inflatable pirate sword and you will be the envy of pirates everywhere. Could you be the next Blackbeard?

Mens Caribbean Pirate Costume


Womens Caribbean Pirate Costume


Womens Buccaneer Costume


Mens Deluxe Pirate Costume


Womens Pirate Costume with Brown Trousers


Pirate - Complete the look!

Inflatable Parrot


Tricorn Hat and Inflatable Parrot


Black Tricorn Hat


Black Eye Patch Sequin Skull and Crossbones


Mini Black Pirate Hat Topper


Mini Red Pirate Hat Topper


Tricorn Hat with Gold Trim


Caribbean Pirate Hat with Attached Deadlocks


Black Beard Pirate Moustache/Beard


Inflatable Pirate Sword 60cm


Toy Flintlock Pistol