Brand New: Cartoon Network Range!

Born out of the Cartoon Network Studios back in the nineties, we’ve raided our archives and reinvigorated our classic heroes to give you retro style with attitude! They were our first... and they’re hard to forget. Our funny and fearless characters have heritage, humour, and bundles of personality which we’ve packed into cool new products for the discerning fashionista. We give you “The Classics” …

Working late one night, Professor Utonium, a lonely genetic engineer, was about to realise his lifelong dream: the creation of a perfect little girl using sugar, spice & everything nice. When the concoction was nearly complete, a fourth ingredient was accidentally added to the mix…. Chemical X. The addition of this toxic substance set off an explosive chain reaction of elements, which resulted in the creation of “The Powerpuff Girls”. In a flash the Professor becomes a father to three perfect little girls whom he names Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup. They quickly reveal their special abilities, while their innocent charm instantly wins the heart of the Townsville citizens. Pint sized power rules as The Powerpuff Girls battle baddies to save the world before bedtime!

Now if you are not familiar with these three Superhuman Kindergarten Girls then let us fill you in. Blossom (Pink) is the indisputable leader & spokesperson of the group with fiery red hair tied up in her trademark red bow. She brings the "All things nice" to the group. Next there is Bubbles (Blue). She is the golden-haired angel. The pigtailed happy go lucky one of the three, always seeing the best in everything, bringing joy and laughter to the trio having a love for all animals. Don't mistake her kindness as weakness though as she can be the most furious of the three at times. Bubbles brings the "Sugar" to the group. Finally, there's Buttercup (Green). She is the Powerpuff Girl with attitude and a volcanic temper bringing the "spice" to all things nice. She is the ultimate tomboy being the toughest yet goofiest with a dislike to "girly" things. Now that you are all up to date let us show you our BRAND NEW range with a nostalgic feel to all you 90s kids!


Now each costume brings a very retro '90s' feel with three vibrant, skin-tight dresses that come with the matching accessories to complete your favourite characters look. The costumes have been designed here at I Love Fancy Dress and we spent a lot of time designing the perfect look so that it doesn't just reflect your famous three superheroes but shines a light on female empowerment and can be an icon in pop culture. These costumes include a quality made dress with the characters matching wig and glasses and a white pair of tights to complete the look. Apart from Blossom, she would not be complete without her iconic red bow which comes on a headband. 

He’s Elvis meets Tony Manero. Mr Smooth... With big muscles and even bigger hair. The king of kitsch. Its Johnny Bravo!  Meet the Blonde Haired, muscular young man, always wearing sunglasses, who tries to get women to date him, though he is usually unsuccessful often ending up in the most bizarre situations and predicaments.

This deluxe costume features plush muscle padding across the torso and sleeves, so you don't have to worry about hitting the gym to complete this look! With the iconic Blonde Quiff wig and glasses, only the true 90s kids will appreciate the time spent in designing this nostalgic look. Finally, a Johnny Bravo costume would not be complete without the classic blue trousers!