Get to Know: Kids Nativity Costumes!

Every parent will know the struggle of preparing for your child’s nativity plays at school! You want to make it perfect for your little ones first time up on stage in front of an audience and that is why we are here to help! With a whole range from the animals to the kings your child will be well prepared for their big moment! When your child re-enacts the story of the Birth of Christ, it is a wonderful moment for every parent and that is why we are writing this, to make your life that little bit easier.

Mary and Joseph Costumes

Everyone knows the story or at least has a rough idea of how it plays out so let’s start with the two leading actors Mary and Joseph. If your child is set to play the role of the parents of Jesus, then they need to look the part of course! Starting with Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, your little one will have these simple blue robes with a white stripe down the middle with a halo over her head for that extra touch! Now these robes are very simple but perfect for the role of Mary and your little one will look adorable! Now if your child’s set to play the Father of Jesus, Joseph, then they will be rocking these striped white and blue robes with a matching headpiece and a waistcoat attached. If you really want to take this costume that one step beyond then go and as nan or grandad nicely and he might lend you his walking stick if they have one!


The 3 Kings Costumes

Now if you’re child has took on the role of one of the 3 Wise Men then we have the perfect little range for you! Coming in 3 different choices your child can decide whether they want to be a Red King, Purple King or Gold King. Whatever gift your little one is bringing baby Jesus, they will certainly bring it to him in style with these full-length robes with matching crowns for each costume really taking on the role of one of these Kings.


Shepherd Costume

Maybe your little one has taken on the role of a shepherd summoned by an angel and join those coming together to watch the birth of Christ in Bethlehem! If this is the case, then our shepherds’ robes are ideal to take on the role of a poor farmer and join those gathered together to create this beautiful story! Again, to take this costume that extra mile you could try and ask your grandparents nicely for a walking stick and if they don’t have one then can always try your school!

Angel Costume

We might not have a complete angel costume, but we definitely have what you need to put together and become the Angel Gabriel! With our white feather angel wings and a matching white Halo all you would need is maybe a white t-shirt or which can be found on a website or if you have a cute little white dress then that would be perfect! Get as creative as you can with these wings and halo and become the most beautiful angel the nativity has ever seen.


Camel Costume

Finally, if your child’s taking on the role of one of the animals within the play then we have the perfect camel costume! This Camel ‘Pick me Up’ Costume will impress all the teachers and parents as it looks as if you were being carried by a camel. This is particularly good for the Red King Costume as by adding the red jacket and wearing the matching hat it looks as if the Wise man had ridden to see baby Jesus on his Camel! There is so many creative ways this animal costume can be used!

Now we do know there is some more possible characters your child may be, and this doesn’t mean they are any less important! Click Here to take a look through our website and be sure to check out other possible animals like a sheep costume or maybe a donkey and let us know what you think. We have always loved a nativity so feel free to send us in photos of your little ones taking part and don’t forget to tag us in your posts!

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