Get to Know: Tutorial for crafting and creating the 'Hairy Cousin'!

So, you’ve bought the Hairy Cousin Fancy Dress Costume, and now all that’s left for you to do is to craft it! Following this short and sweet step by step guide, you’ll everyone’s favourite goofy cousin in no time!

Step 1 – Remove the Flowers

Now because this creativity costume comes with 4 natural coloured hula skirts, they’re still going to be left with the flowers around the waistband still attached and hanging on. So, the first step is to grab a pair of scissors and neatly clip the flowers off the waists of all 4 of the hula skirts. You can keep the flowers if you would like to create something pretty with them later if you’d like too!


Step 2 – Putting on the First 3 Skirts

Now you’re beginning to become the big walking carpet himself! You first place the first Hula Skirt over your shoulders, so it covers from roughly around your neck to your lower torso, you’ll still have full use of your arms don’t worry! The elastic waistband allows a decent stretch and vast accessibility for your arms, even though when you’re fully geared up you can keep your arms down by your side for the full effect!

Next, you’ll need to place the next Hula Skirt around your torso as you normally would with a regular Hula Skirt! And then finally you need to place one around your legs, make it as high or low as you can if you’d like it to cover your feet or have some walking room in case you get tangled walking around outside, the choice is yours! It’s your own costume!


Step 3 – Finishing Touches!

At this point, you should like a giant ghillie suit like the ones you see in the army but made from hair, if so well done! Only one more bit to complete! And that’s to put the last hula skirt around your head, but we recommend putting the Sunglasses on first so that you don’t get any of the strands whipping your eyes! Once you have the glasses on just use the elastic strap and make it fit nice and tightly around your head and then pull the strands to the side a bit so that people can see your sunglasses.

Then finally equip the bowler hat and shazam, you’re officially ready to be the world’s hairiest uncle! The result should look something like the image below but maybe you want to transform it a little bit differently, which is completely alright and all the power too you for creating something so brilliant! We hope you have fun wearing this Cousin It inspired costume! Send us images of you wearing it for this Halloween and we’ll post it on our social media accounts with full credit! Links below!