What we thought of: Suicide Squad!

Suicide Squad

As massive fans of Super Heroes (And Super Villains...Shh), we knew that this DC film was going to be jam packed full of action. However, we didn't expect that the film 'Suicide' Squad would have been filled to the brim with Love. Not only between the Joker and Harley.But with Deadshot and his beloved daughter, and not forgetting the June Moone and Rick Flag romance throughout. How sweet it was to see that the Villains had heart...NOT. 'Suicide' set the audiences mind up for death, destruction and quite frankly, a lot of violence. Yet, all we were given was multiple romances and sob stories. Although we must admit without Harley Quinn and The Joker, there would have not been a film.

Overall, the storyline was despicable. The way the Movie was edited at the beginning was exciting and in your face. Very much like a Comic (Which shouldn't have been hard considering the film was created by DC Comics). However, then the story started to trail off a little and Cara Delevigne - who played 'The Enchantress', became somewhat a main character. Which was all too disappointing, especially after seeing her awful acting in 'Paper Towns' by John Green. The makers of the film clearly knew that Harley Quinn and The Joker were carrying the film with their love, so kept re-visiting them throughout to keep the audience on their toes. Well done.

When we first heard about the film Suicide Squad we were so excited. In-particularly the impressive cast list. But where, oh where was Tom Hardy? It was known that Tom Hardy was meant to play Rick Flag. We have no doubt Tom would've been astounding, in our eyes he is an incredible actor with serious talent. Yet, he was replaced by Joel Kinnaman. The Film had a very unique and popular cast. Most of the actors were brilliant, especially Margot Robbie. Not only did she put on an amazing performance and have everyone talking about her after the film release, she also gave 110%. Did you hear about the trick she learned for the elevator scene?

After all, the prequel of Suicide Squad was Batman VS Superman and that DC film didn't receive great reviews either. So was it such a surprise that Suicide Squad has had mixed reviews either. In conclusion, there is no doubt that Harley Quinn was the best character and we know the streets will be filled with Harley Quinn costumes this Halloween... We might even join them.

Harley Quinn Wig                                                                                                

Harley Wig - Click Me!

 Harley Quinn Wig and Facepaint

Harley Wig and Facepaint - Click Me!