We Won Mcdonald's Breakfast!!!

We Won Mcdonalds Breakfast!!!

Recently, we entered a Twitter competition hosted by Mcdonalds Uk - #hellogoodtimes team, and managed to be enough lucky to win! The competition was to win 12 breakfast's for our office, and let me tell you - they were delicious! When a member of the team arrived we had smiles stretched from ear to ear while our mouths watered at the thought of the holy grail that is, the McMuffin! Next, we were given 6 Egg + Cheese McMuffins and 6 Sausage + Egg McMuffins. (It's easy to guess which one's went fast - Sausage all the way!). 

We thought as a Fancy Dress Company we should surely dress up, right? And so we did...

Like our Macca's inspired costume ideas? (Click on the images below to take you to them)

The Hamburglar

Red Tie - Click Me!Black Cape - Click Me!Top + Mask - Click Me!Hat - Click Me!

Ronald Mcdonald

Red Afro - Click Me!Red Nose - Click Me!

Burger Hat

Burger Hat - Click Me!












Here's the tweet we made after the #hellogoodtimes member left which was then re-tweeted by Mcdonalds UK