Prepare to go EVEN FURTHER down the rabbit-hole on World Book Day with these wonderfully mad Wonderland Inspired costumes.  Wether you’re just in time for tea or late for a very important date, you’ll look fantastic in our Alice costume, inspired by the beautifully illustrated Lewis Carroll novel of 1865. You’ll fit through the smallest doors and meet the lovely White Queen, you’ll dance with the hatter and the blue caterpillar and you’ll drink the finest tea! 
Or perhaps you think you’re fit to rule over Wonderland, in that case Your Highness, we’ll paint the roses red and fetch you your finest flamingo because you are the Red Queen and whatever you say, GOES! You might want to boss around Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum and if you’re not getting your way, then “off with their heads!”, that’s sure to scare them. 
Running out of time to pick a costume? That reminds me of someone. You sound just like our fluffy white friend Mister White Rabbit, he’s always running late for something or other. Maybe you and him could hop around a while and meet the Mad-Hatter and Cheshire Cat for a bite to eat and some of that piping hot tea.



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